«Как у вас дела? Это репортёр Ли.»

Ещё раньше хотела выложить это послание от Ли Сын Ги.

В нём нету ничего нового, только подтверждение о его новой дораме.
Но мне понравился сам факт существования такого письма и то, как
Сын Ги общается со своими фанатами, как к ним относится. Я такого
раньше не встречала.

«2012.10.20 Lee Seung Gi’s message from leeseunggi.com

How are you? This is Reporter Lee. ^^
I am kind of ashamed to claim that I am a reporter, as I was almost 10 steps behind; very frustrated.

Every time soon as I travel overseas, lots

of news would emerge…really…it seems like there is a force just waiting for me to step out of the country…keke

First of all, I feel bad that I did not tell you myself, and then fell behind the media. Really sorry. But, rather than saying nothing, I think a quick update is better. That’s why I wrote down the following~

Just as reported by the media, a drama aiming to broadcast in the first half of next year has been confirmed. I hope that’s good news for fans waiting for new dramas. I feel the same. Through this drama, I can work with people I have always wanted to and whom I feel a rapport with. I am sure our collaboration will be exciting and joyous.

Meetings with the PD and scriptwriter also assure me more.
I read part of the script…ah…the story…it is no kidding.
Very interesting. It will have a lot of fight scenes that you guys have not seen before.
For now, that’s it!!!

Additionally, there is no confirmed variety show.
No matter when, if there is a variety show that I want to do and I can do well, I will let you know. ^^
News concerning variety shows, if it is not coming from my agency, please do not be swayed by it!

Lastly, and most importantly, I am totally devoted to my album and coming concerts!!
Media just ignored this part. It made me sad ㅠ
Compared to other things, that’s the most important ㅠ

The album only has one more song left to be recorded.
There will be song(s) that I wrote…so please look forward to them ^^

December 1 and 2, the most important year-end event – concert!!
Because I acted in a drama and will have a new album out, this concert will contain lots of elements.
Interactions with guests, new songs, drama, comedy and gag acts etc etc
Lots of elements in the concert..So..everyone…preview…this is just a preview…

If you can come to the concert and enjoy it along with me, that’d be great ^^
The best professionals giving them all to produce a ‘not just a routine’ concert, but the highest quality, filled to the brims with the artists’ spirits, Lee Seung Gi Hope concert!!! Kekekeke

Through a special stage audience sitting in the back will get to see me up close…in order to do that…me with fear of height ㅠ
Other than the album and concert, more planned activity will occur in next year
Let us end this year as a singer and the singer’s fans^^~~!!

So~I will see you with my high standard album and unforgettable concert!!

ORIGINAL source: leeseunggi.com
Korean to Chinese translation: 阿月(Baidu Tieba)
Chinese to English translation: @AnnMichelle
ORIGINAL post: http://tryp96.wordpress.com/2012/10/20/12-10-20-from-seunggi/

Основноя суть послания, что он наконец-то сможет поработать с людьми с которыми давно хотел. Надеется, что процес (сьёмок) будет увлекательным и радостным. Сценарий просто Бомба! Много драк, много екшина….мы в его исполнении такого ещё точно не видели.

Также опроверг все слухи о возможном возвращение в новом Шоу. Сказал лишь, что
как только …. так сразу сообщит.

И последнее, что он сейчас полностью занят своей певческой деятельностью. И просит фанатов с нетерпением ждать его новый альбом и предстоящие концерты.

И призывает год закончить как певец и фанаты певца. 🙂

(с) фейсбук


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